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Calico Jack Fence Ltd. Co.

Why choose Calico Jack Fence?

The owners of Calico Jack Fence have a cumulative of over 45 years experience in the fence business installing everything from military and prison fence, to residential fence. We care about the quality of your fence and take pride in the work we do for the communities from Conway, Myrtle Beach, Georgetown and everywhere in-between. 

Who is Calico Jack?

Calico Jack was a pirate in the early 18th Century in the Bahamas and Caribbean who is now currently most remembered for having female crew members.

Why name yourselves after a pirate?

We work in an industry heavily saturated with men. So besides living at the beach and having dreams of owning a boat, we thought it fitting since one of our founding members is female.

Who are the owners?

We have 4 founding members. Herby, Jamie, Kayla, and Chris. Herby is a seasoned industry professional who has built every kind of fence imaginable all over the southeastern U.S. Jamie is a Marine Corps. veteran who, after his service, decided to enter into the construction industry and has been dedicated to home improvement ever since. Kayla is a well-traveled community focused entrepreneur who has a passion for animals (esp. dogs) and customer service. Chris is a Vermonter and an Army veteran that eventually got tired of jumping out of perfectly good airplanes and decided to move to Myrtle Beach to pursue a life of self-employment.

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